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Programming Languages available on the Amiga

Actively Developed / Supported

  • ECX AmigaE compiler for AmigaOS and MorphOS
  • PortablE Mostly AmigaE compatible, but with a compiler that generates portable C++ instead of M68k Amiga object files.
  • C/C++ (gcc, vbcc)
  • Python
  • AmiBlitz
  • Modula II
  • Lua
  • Perl
  • Hollywood Commercial / proprietary multimedia language
  • Ruby (full 1.9.0 port for MorphOS)

Language ports with limited support

Languages with ports that are not actively maintained or that are incomplete, but where the upstream version is still maintained.

  • Javascript (minimal SpiderMonkey port on Aminet)
  • Ruby (minimal 1.8.4 port on Aminet)
  • Free pascal (fpc) (alpha release of 2.1.1 on OS4Depot)
  • ???


Interpreters and compilers that are no longer maintained, but where there are reasonable complete/stable implementations (some of these are ports - in those cases there may be a more up to date upstream version, but if the upstream version is actively maintained we should move the entry to the category above).

  • ARexx
  • AmigaE
  • XLisp
  • AmigaPascal
  • CForth
  • CLisp
  • Draco
  • B-Prolog
  • SmallEiffel
  • Gambit Scheme
  • FPL
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