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Links related to developing on/for Amiga

Reference Material and manuals

  • AmigaDevHelp Large collection of AmigaOS3 (and before) documentation including a large number of examples.
  • Natami/Amiga developer docs HTML versions of the official AmigaOS manuals from Commodore as well as the hardware reference manual and a guide to the m68k instruction set.
  • Amiga Developer Docs - Another source for the official AmigaOS manuals
  • AROS Wiki Book User guide for AROS, which contains a significant section on developing for AROS. The “porting” section has relevant information for updating old Amiga software to more recent AmigaOS3 or 4 setups as well (information on differences between SAS/C and gcc, most of which applies to vbcc too, in particular)
  • Documentation of the AMOS file formats - AMOS is a BASIC style language for the Amiga with extensive graphics and sound support; this documentation is most interesting for people who wish to manipulate source code written in AMOS in external tools.
  • Amigan's Abandonware page has some Amiga manuals/books.
  • Amiga File Formats Lists specs, utilities etc. for accessing Amiga file formats.


OS Software updates

Source Code

Aminet is a good source for programs including source code. The list below is intended to cover non-Aminet sources only:


Developer focused community sites

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