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Editors and IDEs for Amiga


  • CygnusEd Perhaps the best known Amiga text editor; multiple views (split screen), ARexx integration. Commercial
  • EdWord Professional Public domain editor (GFA Basic) w/syntax highlighting, split screen and ARexx integration
  • NoWinEd MUI based text editor. Open Source. On Aminet.
  • Annotate Cross platform (AOS3,AOS4, MorphOS 1 and AROS) programmers editor with macros and syntax highlighting. GPL
  • FrexxEd Programmers editor with powerful built in scripting language,ARexx integration, syntax highlighting, split screens. Open source (C). On Aminet.
  • Emacs - Multiple versions on Aminet. Complicated setup. TODO: Describe install process, which includes picking multiple archives and setting up an assign for GeekGadgets.
  • Vi/Vim

If you prefer Emacs, FrexxEd may be the best alternative on classic AmigaOS given the complexity of getting a “real” Emacs setup running. FrexxEd comes with an FPL script that approximates many Emacs key settings. You may also want to look into Micro Emacs.


  • CubicIDE IDE for AmigaOS3 and MorphOS, complete with integrated support for a number of compilers.
  • CodeBench IDE for AmigaOS4
  • AmiDevCpp Windows based IDE that supports cross-compilation to the various Amiga variants.
  • Scribble is part of MorphOS SDK
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