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Setting up a basic C/C++ development environment

TODO: Pro's and cons of the various alternatives (vbcc, gcc, others?)

Preconfigured environments


As an alternative to developing on the Amiga itself, you can cross compile. AmiDevCpp provides a Windows based IDE and compilers.


Download MorphOS Software Development Kit and follow instructions. The development kit includes Scribble development environment, GCC, make and other tools.

Setting up vbcc

  • Vbcc is an optimizing C compiler that can run on and generate code for a variety of platforms, including all Amiga-like platforms except AROS. It can also run on (but not generate binaries for) Linux on x86. As a result it is well suited for cross compilation of apps that should run on the various Amiga platforms. To cover AROS as well, you will need a separate compiler (gcc port, see below).

Setting up gcc


Download MorphOS Software Development Kit and follow instructions.



Shared tools

* Autorev is a tool to auto-update header contents with versioning/date information



AmigaOS uses “fd” files to describe the API to libraries. Fd2pragma is a tool that generates various types of header files and link libraries to handle interfacing to the libraries. For most system libraries the appropriate files should be includes in the NDK, but for third party libraries you may need to generate the header files yourself using this tool.


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