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-​cheaphealthinsurance.html cheap health insurance >:-((( insurance auto eeey +====== Amiga OS Keyboard Shortcuts ====== 
 +LA = Left Amiga; RA = Right Amiga 
 +^Key combination ​        ​^Action ​                                            ^ 
 +|LA + b                  |Start/end selection (for cut and paste) ​           | 
 +|LA + B                  |Start/end rectangular selection ​(for cut and paste)| 
 +====== UAE Keyboard Shortcuts ====== 
 +Under UAE, Left Amiga and Right Amiga typically map to the window and menu keys respectively with Windows keyoards, or the Cmd/Option keys on OS/XAlternatively you can use Page Up Page Down. 
 +^Key combination ​        ​^Action ​                                            ^ 
 +|F12 + s                 ​|Toggle between full screen and windowed mode       | 
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