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- nexium 196556 ​ tramadol 997 accutane aohyg +====== Automating tasks with Arexx ====== 
 +.. while you can use a variety of scripting languages to automate tasks on the Amiga, the most common option for Amiga users is ARexx. OS/2 users, or sysadmins with experience from larger IBM systems might be familiar with Rexx, which is where ARexx originates from. For OS/X users, the nearest equivalent is AppleScript. 
 +Most Amiga applications have an ARexx port which can be used to remote control themMany of these applications can also execute ARexx scripts directly. 
 +FIXME quick introduction to the *really* basic stuff 
 +===== Resources ===== 
 +  * [[​tutorials/​arexx1.htm|ARexx tutorial]] 
 +  * [[​ARexx|The ARexx page at Wikipedia]] provides some basic information 
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